To Our Visitors

For those wondering what the Bermigo Plan is about: the plan is primarily a customized Marshall Plan for Palestine, but it also contains a host of innovations for dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

This site will help inform curious visitors, both those who want just the general idea, and those who want a deeper look. Since the plan touches on a vast array of issues – many of which overlap – discussions/articles on this site are often candidates for more than one category. We'll do our best to file/index material in an intuitive way.

[Depending on the user's computer, dropdown menus (on any website) can be 'slippery'. Here, sub-menus may be easiest to grab by placing the mouse directly under the first letter of the menu title. If a menu title/tab 'sticks', simply click on a different menu title and return to the target title/tab. Using Chrome {rather than Internet Explorer} can also make navigation easier – and render the text of images far clearer].

The FAQ will include not only brief answers to issues addressed in detail elsewhere, but will also include topics that aren't a natural fit under any other category – and are thus placed in the FAQ alone .

As needs develop, we may expand this site's modest format and look, and add a central ‘info center' overseen by Bermigo team members and volunteers. Over the coming weeks, the site will fill out with additional postings on the various aspects of the Bermigo package. Still, even with the limited remittance thus far, readers should already get an idea of the depth and breadth of the plan.

Comments are welcome from any quarter, but we prefer submissions that add insights and information.

Our immediate goal, of course, is to get the Bermigo blueprint comprehensively polled. Without poll-results in hand, we are only guessing whether the plan is doable, kudos from experts and laymen, nonwithstanding. But, with poll-results – if they do indeed prove as positive as many experts predict  the hopes of millions to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could finally be anchored along a demonstrably feasible route.

Thanks for taking the time to visit.